Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the PASSA manual?

On the activities page you can download the PASSA manual. 

Is there a Spanish version of the platform?

Yes! You can switch between English and Spanish at the bottom of the left hand menu. 

How do I find information on a specific rollout?

On the rollouts page you can filter your search by start or end date and country location. 

Where can I find my story drafts? 

If you did not post a story you began and instead saved it as a draft, it will have been saved under your ‘contributed stories’ tab on your profile. 

How can I change my password?

If you visit your profile, there is a button on the top right to ‘update password’. 

How do I get badges on my profile?

Badges are awarded for various reasons to do with posting and interacting on the platform. You progress through the levels and are awarded them to your profile! If you are struggling to gain some, try interacting and posting more, or asking others what they did to reach the level they are on! 

How do I share a story from to social media?

If you wish to share a story on either Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp you can do so directly from the post! Find the story you would like to share and scroll right to the bottom. There are buttons for each social media platform you can share the story straight to. 

How do I contact a community manager or admin?

You can either contact a community manager or admin by messaging them on their personal profile (you can contact them via email or social media). Otherwise, if you scroll to the bottom of any page and click the ‘help’ button it will give you the option to contact the site administrator. 

I missed something in the beginning page tutorials, how do I get them to pop up again?

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you have a question about, and click the help button there will be an option to ‘see intro tutorial again’. 

Looking for something else?

You can ask any questions to a community manager or admin through their profile or the help button at the bottom of each page.

Or contact directly the global network by e-mail: