"Earthquakes never kill people, but the collapse of the buildings kills people"
Shigeru Ban

Conditions that make individual structures and the settlement as a whole vulnerable, or exposed to suffer the consequences of events related to the prioritized hazards, are singled out. 


  • To identify specific conditions of the shelter and the settlement that make the community vulnerable against the hazards selected by the PASSA Group. 
  • To recognize that vulnerabilities are related to factors in the shelter itself, the location or the environment, and are often specific to certain types of hazards. 
  • To inquire what can be done to make the shelter and settlement safer.

Information management

Collecting, classifying, filtering, distributing and archiving information can be aided by digital tools. Documenting in a variety of formats helps discern if a particular condition constitutes a vulnerability or a capacity. By taking photographs and videos, recording interviews with people from the community and classifying the evidence together, with the help of a technical adivsor, everyone can learn to recognize what increases or decreases the risks related to shelter in the community.

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