"History is a prophet looking back: for and against what was,it announces what will be"
Eduardo Galeano

From their memories and interviews of people in the community, a timeline of events that have affected their shelter and settlement is built, patterns detected, and questions about future trends formulated. 


  • To familiarize young people with situations that have occurred in the past in their community and have endangered the life or property of their family and neighbours. 
  • To understand that the current situation of their community has roots in those past events and establish a cause-effect relationship with what is happening in terms of health problems and vulnerability in front of new hazards. 
  • To explore how things can keep changing in the future and understand what trends are and why it is useful to know them.


A timeline is a graphical display of a chronological sequence of events, that can be used to analyse the past, the present, and possible future trends. In the PASSA Youth manual are the steps to make a timeline with self-adhesive notes and illustrations. Here you will find several tools you can use to create digital timelines; some require an internet connection and some, like Scratch, run locally on your computer. There are templates to get you started, so youth can recreate the events they have identified, with the date on which they occurred, adding images, videos and a description.

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